Hardscape refers to hard landscape materials or structures that are incorporated into a landscape.   This can include paved areas, driveways, retaining walls, walkways, and any other landscaping made up of hard wearing materials such as wood, stone, concrete, metal etc.

Hard landscaping involves projects that cover the entirety of the yard and that are necessary before soft landscaping features come into play. Hard landscaping is very much altering the foundation of the yard, the “bricks and mortar”, and so only once this is completed can you begin to focus on the more beautiful features of the yard, hard-soft landscaping such as the floral arrangements, trees and shrubs and perfecting your color schemes. One key feature of hard landscaping is to do with the absorption of water – something that is of great importance given our Arizona climate. Hard landscaping ensures that worrying about water after rain isn’t an issue. The right water absorption and irrigation system installed through hard landscaping, coupled with hard materials that safely move water away from the property can ensure that soil movement is never a problem and that your yard remains a drier, enjoyable living space.